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CD262: Inside C-SPAN with Howard Mortman

As we wait for the final results of the midterm elections to determine which party will control the House, enjoy Jen's interview with C-SPAN Communications Director, Howard Mortman. Jen and Howard discuss all things C-SPAN, including what C-SPAN crews are and are not allowed to film and the network's funding sources and distribution, as well has Howard's podcast, the Weekly, and his book, When Rabbis Bless Congress. Full Transcript Please Support Congressional Dish –...

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CD261: Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act is a new law designed to hasten the United States' energy transition (and do nothing about inflation). In the last episode before the midterm election, learn about the energy path the Democratic Party has plotted for us and learn how this new law can possibly save you tens of thousands of dollars. Executive Producers: Brooks Rogers and Chris Bergan Please Support Congressional Dish – Quick Links Contribute monthly or a lump sum via PayPal...

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CD260: Failure to Fund with Graham Elwood – Transcript

Full Audio Version and Show Notes Jennifer Briney 00:00 I think that was the most shocking thing for me, to actually sit there, because the C-SPAN cameras only show the desk. The senators stand outside of the cameras' view, so as they're hanging out and chit chatting and hugging and fist bumping, and they're off camera. You can't see it on C-SPAN 2, but you can see it when you're sitting there in the gallery, and I was the only person that sat there all day. Graham Elwood 00:23 That's part of the theatrics. That's like when Trump gave [the 2020 State of the Union] speech and Pelosi ripped up the copy of it behind him. Everyone talked about that and made that into a meme. But nobody showed when, [during the same speech] he stood up and claped for Juan guaido, this CIA puppet...

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CD260: Failure to Fund with Graham Elwood

Congress has failed to fund the government on time again. In this episode, Graham Elwood joins Jen as she geeks out on all the dingleberries attached to the new law extending Congress's funding deadline until December 16th. Episode Transcript Please Support Congressional Dish – Quick Links Contribute monthly or a lump sum via PayPal Support Congressional Dish via Patreon (donations per episode) Send Zelle payments to: Donation@congressionaldish.com Send Venmo payments...

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CD259: CHIPS: A State Subsidization of Industry – Transcript

Original Audio Version and Show Notes Jennifer Briney 00:00Look at the timing: the CHIPS Act passed both branches of Congress and was sent to President Biden's desk during the last week of July and Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan on August 2. Taking that risk of pissing off China, which did piss off China -- they immediately closed the airspace and launched days worth of massive military drills around Taiwan. Nancy Pelosi going to Taiwan caused all that, and the world knew it would. But her visit, taking that risk and being willing to piss off the Chinese like that, was a big move meant to reassure Taiwan of U.S. support, despite the CHIPS Act becoming law. And as you heard, Joe Biden's words have gotten even more direct as they try to reassure Taiwan that even though we are preparing...

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CD259: CHIPS: A State Subsidization of Industry

A new law, known as the CHIPS Act, provides over $50 billion to existing, profitable companies to fund new semiconductor production facilities in the United States. In this episode, we examine why Congress decided to gift these companies our tax money now and explore the geopolitical implications of this funding decision. Beyond semiconductors, the law provides further corporate welfare for the creation of things that many of us tax payers likely support. This law is...

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CD258: Gain of Function Research

On August 3rd, Senate Republicans held a hearing examining gain of function research: its possible role in creating the COVID-19 pandemic; the problems with oversight of this dangerous research; and recommendations to Congress for how to fix those problems. Executive Producers: Dave Kovatch and Brandon Lewis Episode Transcript Please Support Congressional Dish – Quick Links Contribute monthly or a lump sum via PayPal Support Congressional Dish via Patreon (donations per...

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CD258: Gain of Function Research – Transcript

Full Episode and Shownotes Jennifer Briney  00:00 Some people are going to be annoyed by the one sidedness of this hearing, and I get it. But it was like that because only one side showed up. There is no definite conclusion about what caused the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyone who says that there is is either uninformed, misinformed, or lying. And the shownotes will prove this to you. One particularly impactful piece of evidence you will find in the show notes is a report from the World Health Organization from just a few months ago from June 2022, in which they describe the panel they've convened to investigate the origins of SARS-CoV-2. Now, the fact that that investigation has just been launched, is proof enough that the cause is not yet known. But in case that's not enough for you....

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CD257: PACT Act – Health Care for Poisoned Veterans

After decades of our government denying healthcare to veterans they exposed to poisonous toxins, the PACT Act - which will eventually provide this hard-fought-for care - is now law. In this episode, learn exactly who qualifies for these new benefits and when, discover the shocking but little-known events that led to their poisonings, and find out what exactly happened during those 6 days when Senate Republicans delayed the passage of the PACT Act. Executive Producers: D....

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CD256: Poisonous Pet Collars

Seresto Flea and Tick Collars for dogs and cats have been sold to Americans since 2013. During that time, the EPA has received approximately 100,000 reports of illnesses and 2,500 reports of deaths of animals that wore a Seresto Flea and Tick collar, by far the most reports received about any flea and tick treatment on the market. In this episode, hear testimony from scientists about the Environmental Protection Agency's disturbingly lax review processes for pesticides...

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