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CD267: The Monopoly Powers of Live Nation/Ticketmaster

Live Nation and Ticketmaster merged over a decade ago and Congress is concerned - for good reason - that the company is exerting monopoly powers over the live event industry. In this episode, learn how the merger was allowed to happen in the first place, the problems that industry participants and competitors are having with the company, and what Congress is thinking of doing about it. Please Support Congressional Dish – Quick Links Contribute monthly or a lump sum via...

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CD266: Contriving January 6th

The January 6th Committee investigation is over and four criminal charges against former President Donald Trump have been referred to the Justice Department by the Committee. In this episode, hear a summary of 23 hours of testimony and evidence presented by the Committee which prove that former President Trump went to extraordinary and illegal lengths to remain President, despite losing the 2020 Election. Please Support Congressional Dish – Quick Links Contribute monthly...

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CD265: Policing FTX

FTX, at one point the world's third largest cryptocurrency exchange, went bankrupt, causing the entire cryptocurrency industry to crash. In this episode, hear highlights from Congressional testimony that will explain how FTX was able to grow so large while committing blatant fraud, how it's possible that the government didn't know and didn't do anything to stop it, and hear about a Senate bill that's branded as a solution but has concerning flaws of it's own. Please...

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CD262: Inside C-SPAN with Howard Mortman – Transcript

Full Episode and Show Notes Howard Mortman 00:00 This is where people don't know how to put us into a bucket, because all we're doing is showing you experts saying, well, here's what the government is spending money on. Here's what you can learn. And a lot of times, there's no entertainment in that, there's no food fights. So like, why am I gonna watch that? Well, you're gonna watch that because you are a citizen of a country that's, again, $31 trillion in debt. Where are we spending our money? What are our priorities? The country that we are giving to our kids to inherit, what's it gonna look like? You know, this isn't the place to get all these answers, but you definitely are going to hear some informed expert witnesses about where we are headed as a country. David Ippolito 00:45...

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CD264: Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

FTX, a large cryptocurrency exchange, recently went bankrupt, leading to calls for government regulation of cryptocurrencies. But you might be wondering, what are cryptocurrencies? In part one of this two-part series, listen to expert testimony provided over a four-year period informing Congress about the cryptocurrency industry, the promise of blockchain, problems - both real and overblown - with this new technology, and how best to regulate this complicated industry....

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CD263: Republicans Take the House

The results are in: The Democrats will keep the Senate, the Republican will take the House. In this episode, in preparation for the 118th Congress, Jen analyzes the detailed policy documents released by the House Republicans to see what they could reasonably accomplish, who their policies would help or hurt, and how they will likely wield their power in a politically divided Congress. Please Support Congressional Dish – Quick Links Contribute monthly or a lump sum via...

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CD261: Inflation Reduction Act – Transcript

Full Episode and Show Notes Jennifer Briney 00:00 The Inflation Reduction Act is the Democrats' signature achievement: every one of them voted for it. Both the Congressional Budget Office and the independent analyses that I looked at, like the one I found from the Penn Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, all the estimates of the Inflation Reduction Act say that it will reduce the deficit by $250 to $300 billion. Put another way, the Inflation Reduction Act will save our government money. The Democrats balanced their budget on this one, and then some. David Ippolito 00:33 [intro music] Tired of Being Lied to Jennifer Briney 01:02 Hello, my friend, and thank you for listening to the 261st episode of Congressional Dish. I'm your host, Jennifer Briney. And this is the last...

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CD262: Inside C-SPAN with Howard Mortman

As we wait for the final results of the midterm elections to determine which party will control the House, enjoy Jen's interview with C-SPAN Communications Director, Howard Mortman. Jen and Howard discuss all things C-SPAN, including what C-SPAN crews are and are not allowed to film and the network's funding sources and distribution, as well has Howard's podcast, the Weekly, and his book, When Rabbis Bless Congress. Full Transcript Please Support Congressional Dish –...

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CD261: Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act is a new law designed to hasten the United States' energy transition (and do nothing about inflation). In the last episode before the midterm election, learn about the energy path the Democratic Party has plotted for us and learn how this new law can possibly save you tens of thousands of dollars. Executive Producers: Brooks Rogers and Chris Bergan Please Support Congressional Dish – Quick Links Contribute monthly or a lump sum via PayPal...

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CD260: Failure to Fund with Graham Elwood – Transcript

Full Audio Version and Show Notes Jennifer Briney 00:00 I think that was the most shocking thing for me, to actually sit there, because the C-SPAN cameras only show the desk. The senators stand outside of the cameras' view, so as they're hanging out and chit chatting and hugging and fist bumping, and they're off camera. You can't see it on C-SPAN 2, but you can see it when you're sitting there in the gallery, and I was the only person that sat there all day. Graham Elwood 00:23 That's part of the theatrics. That's like when Trump gave [the 2020 State of the Union] speech and Pelosi ripped up the copy of it behind him. Everyone talked about that and made that into a meme. But nobody showed when, [during the same speech] he stood up and claped for Juan guaido, this CIA puppet...

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