CD287: War Money

CD287: War Money

Feb 28, 2024

Executive Producers (5): Brian Gilbert, Adam D, Sage Felker, Tarik Layous, Shawn Newman

It’s been four months since President Biden requested over $100 billion in war money for Israel and Ukraine and the Senate has now passed a bill that would provide most of the money. In this episode, we examine the events that lead up to and have occurred since President Biden’s address to the nation, and analyze the Senate bill along with its possible paths to becoming law.

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Post-October 7 Land Grab

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U.S. Aid to Israel

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Limiting Aid to Gaza

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Netanyahu Rejects Two State Solution

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Why Does the U.S. Government Support Israel?

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Real American History

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Border Crisis

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H.R. 815 (Engrossed Amendment Senate) – National Security Act, 2024

Audio Sources

“Does Congress really want to provide military aid to Netanyahu so that he can annihilate more innocent people?”

February 11, 2024
Bernie Sanders on X

Presidential Address on Israel-Hamas and Russia-Ukraine Wars

October 19, 2023 C-SPAN

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