CD263: Republicans Take the House

CD263: Republicans Take the House

Nov 28, 2022

The results are in: The Democrats will keep the Senate, the Republican will take the House. In this episode, in preparation for the 118th Congress, Jen analyzes the detailed policy documents released by the House Republicans to see what they could reasonably accomplish, who their policies would help or hurt, and how they will likely wield their power in a politically divided Congress.

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The Southern Border

David J. Bier. Sep 14, 2022. “Fentanyl Is Smuggled for U.S. Citizens By U.S. Citizens, Not Asylum Seekers.” Cato Institute.

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Commitment to America

Megan Loe. Oct 25, 2022. “Cuts to Social Security and Medicare detailed in viral image aren’t part of House GOP plan.” Verify.

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“Commitment to America One Pager.” House Republicans.

“An Economy That’s Strong.” Sep 20, 2022. House Republicans.

“Sound Money, Fiscal Discipline, & Budget Enforcement.” Sep 2022. Jobs and the Economy Task Force.

Energy and the Environment

“Build Resilient Communities.” August 9, 2022. The Energy, Climate, & Conservation Task Force.


“Securing U.S. Supply Chains.” Sep 2022. The Energy, Climate, & Conservation Task Force.

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Fossil Fuels

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Jeff Brady and Neela Banerjee. Jun 9, 2021. “Developer Abandons Keystone XL Pipeline Project, Ending Decade-Long Battle.”

Gutting Environmental Law

“Let America Build.” Jun 10, 2022. The Energy, Climate, & Conservation Task Force.


“Conservation with a Purpose.” Jul 15, 2022. The Energy, Climate, & Conservation Task Force.

“Does glyphosate cause cancer?” Jul 8, 2021. Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

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“Security Subcommittee.” Aug 2022. The Healthy Future Task Force.

“Affordability Subcommittee.” Jul 2022. The Healthy Future Task Force.

“Doctor-Patient Relationship Subcommittee.” Jun 2022. The Healthy Future Task Force.

“Subcommittee on Modernization.” Jun 2022. The Healthy Future Task Force.

Financial Regulations

“Securing U.S. Supply Chains.” Sep 2022. Jobs & the Economy Task Force.

“Growth Through Innovation.” Sep 2022. Jobs & the Economy Task Force.

“Beat China and Russia.” Jun 2022. The Energy, Climate, & Conservation Task Force.

Parents Bill of Rights

“Parents Bill of Rights Fact Sheet.” Committee on Education & Labor Republicans.

“Republican Solutions for America’s Education System.” Committee on Education & Labor Republicans.

2014 Government Funding

113th Congresss. “H.R.2775 – Continuing Appropriations Act.”

113th Congress. “Roll Call 550 | Bill Number: H. R. 2775.” Oct 16, 2013. Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Workforce Education

“Getting Americans Back to Work.” Jul 2022. Jobs & the Economy Task Force.

Speak Out Act

117th Congress. “S.4524: Speak Out Act.”

Emilie Shumway. Nov 16, 2022. “Congress passes bill voiding NDAs in cases of sexual assault, harassment; Biden expected to sign.” Legal Dive.

Respect for Marriage Act

117th Congress. “H.R.8404: Respect for Marriage Act.”

Annie Karni. Nov 16, 2022. “Same-Sex Marriage Rights Bill Clears a Crucial Senate Hurdle.” The New York Times.

Maggie Astor. Nov 16, 2022. “Here Are the 12 Republicans Who Voted to Protect Same-Sex Marriage.” The New York Times.

Al Weaver. Nov 16, 2022. “Senate votes to advance same-sex marriage bill.” The Hill.

Soon-to-be Laws

S.4524: Speak Out Act

H.R.8404: Respect for Marriage Act

Audio Sources

House Republicans Unveil the Commitment to America

Sep 23, 2022
Kevin McCarthy on YouTube


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH): They told us so many things that turned out not to be accurate. I mean, just think about it, they told us this thing didn’t come from a lab. Sure looks like it did. But they want us to believe it was a bat to a penguin to Joe Rogan. And then we all got, it right? I’m just a country boy from Ohio. But I kind of think it probably came from a lab. I asked Dr. Burks a question three months ago in a hearing. I said Dr. Burks, when the Biden administration told us that the vaccinated couldn’t get it, were they guessing or lying? Interesting. She paused and said, Well, Congressman, I like to think they hoped. I said, so it was a guess, a lie, or a hope. I’m not against the vaccine. I’m just saying that we’re big boys and girls, we can handle the truth. Give us the facts. We are committed to doing the investigations that need to be done.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA): On our very first bill we’re going to repeal 87,000 IRS agents.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA): We believe in fairness. We should ensure women only compete in women’s sports.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA): We will have oversight hearings on what happened. Who was responsible for opening up America’s southern border? How many have come in? How many are on the terrorist watch list that we know of, and when will we start doing something about it? In our commitment to America, we talk about securing America’s border and holding them accountable. We will give Secretary Mayorkas a reserved parking spot, he will be testifying so much about this. So that’s the kind of oversight we’re going to be doing.

U.S. House Session

February 5, 2014

“Little fish” montage featuring Former Rep. Doc Hastings (R-WA), Former Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), and Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

U.S. House Session

October 8, 2013

Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX): I am very proud of not only what our Speaker is doing but of our majority leader, ERIC CANTOR, and our whip, KEVIN MC CARTHY.

U.S. House Session

October 1, 2013

Former Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA): In fact, House Republicans have passed three continuing resolutions, or temporary spending bills, to keep this government open and to either defund or to delay ObamaCare—which the majority of Americans support. They were against it 31⁄2 years ago; they are against it today; and they support what we are doing in the Republican House of Representatives. I praise and commend Speaker JOHN BOEHNER and the leadership of ERIC CANTOR and KEVIN MCCARTHY for the strength that they have had in regard to this and for being so inclusive for every single member of our caucus.

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