CD134: The EpiPen Hearing

CD134: The EpiPen Hearing

Sep 25, 2016

Executive Producers (1): Anonymous

Epinephrine injectors are life saving devices for people with food allergies and one company – Mylan Inc. – produces almost all of them. In this episode, listen to the highlights from a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee grilling of Mylan CEO Heather Bresch, and judge her justification for raising the EpiPen’s price over 600% since EpiPen’s competition was eliminated.

Executive Producer: Anonymous

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Sound Clip Sources

Hearing: EpiPen Price Increases (Watch on C-SPAN)

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, September 21, 2016.


Clip Timestamps

(In order of appearance in episode)

  • 51:16Doug Throckmorton: Available epinephrine injectors
  • 49:55Rep. John Mica (FL) and Doug Throckmorton: FDA won’t discuss generic applications
  • 0:35Chairman Jason Chaffetz (UT) – Introduction
  • 9:25Elijah Cummings (MD): Mylan’s actions that Congress is investigating
  • 12:20Elijah Cummings: List of EpiPen price increases
  • 4:10Jason Chaffetz: Executive compensation
  • 16:55Elijah Cummings: Martin Shkreli called Congress “imbeciles”
  • 24:10Heather Bresch: Introduction
  • 28:16Heather Bresch: Mylan’s profits from each EpiPen
  • 47:43Rep. Elijah Cummings (MD) & Heather Bresch: Mylan did not give Congress requested documents
  • 55:10Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton & Heather Bresch: Will Mylan reduce the price of EpiPens?
  • 1:23:26Rep. Scott DesJarlais (TN) & Heather Bresch: How long were the price increases going to continue?
  • 1:32:10Rep. Gerald Connolly (VA) & Heather Bresch: Mylan’s EpiPen is 94% of the epinephrine injector market.
  • 1:56:55Rep. Stacey Plaskett (VI) & Heather Bresch: Why are customers paying so much for EpiPens?
  • 2:01:04Rep. Mark Meadows (NC) & Heather Bresch: Everyone pays a different price in this system
  • 2:51:15Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ) & Heather Bresch: Mylan moved their headquarters to the Netherlands to pay less in U.S. taxes.
  • 2:37:15Rep. Peter Welch & Heather Bresch: EpiPens cost much less in the Netherlands
  • 1:03:15Rep. John Duncan (TN): Drug companies have manipulated the market.
  • 1:44:25Tammy Duckworth (IL) & Heather Bresch: Mylan prohibited schools from buying from competitors
  • 36:45Rep. Jason Chaffetz (UT) & Heather Bresch: Heather Bresch’s explanation for why her mother used her position to get schools to buy EpiPens from Mylan
  • 1:11:40Rep. Tim Walberg (MI) & Heather Bresch: Mylans plan would shift costs of EpiPens to government
  • 1:21:16Rep. Stephen Lynch (MA) & Heather Bresch: Veterans Administration is able to negotiate it’s drug prices, which makes them lower
  • 53:35Rep. John Mica (FL) & Heather Bresch: Executive compensation at Mylan
  • 59:19Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC) & Heather Bresch: What does Heather Bresch do to earn $18 million per year?
  • 2:48:55Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ) & Heather Bresch: Heather Bresch often uses a company private jet
  • 2:13:50Rep. Mick Mulvaney (SC) & Heather Bresch: Mylan is getting what it deserves
  • 3:08:08Rep. Glenn Grothman (WI) & Heather Bresch: Does Heather Bresch feel guilty?
  • 3:39:40Rep. Jason Chaffetz & Heather Bresch: The numbers don’t add up.
  • 3:43:30Rep. Elijah Cummings (MD) Closing statement

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