Month: February 2013

CD015: Who Caused Sequester?

House Republicans tried hard during their week off to label the huge March 1 cuts as “the President’s sequester”, but was President Obama really the cause? We go back to August 1, 2011, the day sequester was born, to see who was celebrating the cuts and how they passed the House. Read More

CD014: Marching Towards Sequester

Hydropower and veterans get some love from the House this week, while churches get taxpayer money and Federal workers get screwed… again. Read More

H.R. 592: Taxpayer Money to Tax-Exempt Churches Act

The House of Representatives passed a bill that would allow direct cash grants of taxpayer money to go to religious institutions (that don’t pay taxes) for disaster relief, despite the fact that the First Amendment doesn’t allow taxpayer money to go to religions. Read More

Private Airport Security: Should We Go There?

I’ve been having great Twitter conversation today about the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) with one of my favorite podcasters, Ari Shaffir ( who has a new comedy special out -which he produced without a network- for only $5).

In essence, this is a debate about privatization of airport security. To sum up our conversation so far, it boils down to Jen thinks it would be bad and Ari thinks it would be good. Read More

CD013: Surveillance, Stupidity, & Drones

The House passes a surveillance bill masked as pediatric research and then wastes our time. Also, highlights from the leaked legal justification for the Obama Administration’s “lawful” drone bombing of American citizens. Read More

H.R. 444: Require a Plan Act

The “Require a Plan Act” was such a waste of time, I can’t even believe I have to write about it. It requires President Obama to submit a second budget if his first one for 2014 isn’t balanced, even though the budget is 100% Congress’ job. Read More

H.R. 225: Surveillance Hidden in Pediatric Research Bill

H.R. 225: National Pediatric Research Network Act of 2013

The House overwhelmingly passed a bill that looks like it would fund pediatric research but, according to CBO, would expand surveillance. Of what? Don’t know. Read More


A quick fact check followed by an introduction to ALEC, the association of lawmakers and corporations working together to write bills. Read More